The Benefits of Baler Twine

Baler twine offers the most versatility, affording people with different uses.


Baler twine has several uses that range from simple to complex, and it is powerful and can withstand quite a bit of stress. With baler twine in your home, you will be able to accomplish many tasks around the house in addition to some professional applications in construction, farming, animal husbandry, etc. This article discusses the many uses and benefits of baler twine.

  1. A Strong Alternative to Rope

NetWrap baler twine is a durable alternative to rope, easily broken when too much stress is applied. While it does bear some of the same characteristics as rope (e.g., it can be tied into knots), it’s much more potent, making it a better choice where you need something with an extremely high strength-to-weight ratio.

  1. Multi-Purpose Baler Twine

Due to its durability and strength, baler twine is available in many different types for multiple purposes. For example, several configurations of baler twine are used for tying hay bales together, so they don’t blow away. There are also baler twines that can be used for arts and crafts, such as macrame design.

  1. Baling Twine is Environmentally Friendly

Aside from its durability, one thing about baler twine, which makes it environmentally friendly, is that it’s 100% biodegradable. It means it can be left out in the environment wherever you use it, without causing any damage to the ecosystem

  1. Baler Twine Floats on Water

If you need something that will float on water (e.g., putting bait on), baler twine will do the job. It does not absorb water like many other types of rope, and it can be easily cut such that you form a loop with it to make an effective fishing/life-saving device.

  1. Baler Twine for Survival

If you find yourself in a survival situation where food is hard to come by (e.g., you’re lost in the woods), baler twine can come in handy for many things. For example, if you find yourself without clothing, you can make great moccasins with baler twine so that your feet stay protected. You can also use it to build a shelter.

  1. Sizes of Baler Twine

NetWrap baler twine is available in different sizes, with the most common being 1/4″ and the smallest being 1/16″. It allows you to use it for a wide variety of purposes. It’s also very cheap so that it can be purchased in bulk quite easily. One single spool which contains about 2,000 feet of twine can be bought for under $5.

  1. Baler Twine in Construction

Since baler twine is available in different sizes, it’s possible to use it for many construction applications. For example, you can use it to secure tarps down or tie wooden planks together when constructing a roof or a fence. It’s also a good choice for tying rebar together when constructing a foundation.

  1. Baler Twine in Agriculture

In agriculture, baler twine is used to tie hay bales together, so they don’t blow away. In addition, baler twine can be used to secure animal feet that have been tied together so the animal can’t escape. In this way, it’s an excellent alternative to ropes, which can easily break when too much pressure is applied.

  1. Crafts with Baler Twine

There are many different types of crafts that you can do using baler twine and other materials (e.g., macrame, needlepoint). For example, you can make excellent wall hangings or even crochet with it. Since baler twine is already in the shape of a ball, it is easy to work with and manipulate into different designs and shapes.

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