Search Engine Optimisation Vs. Social Media Marketing: Which is Better?

While they both work hand-in-hand, SEO and SMM have always been pitted against each other for years. So which is the better marketing strategy? Find out here!


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The search engine optimisation vs. social media marketing debate has been raging for some time now. Many marketers are divided on which strategy is better than the other. Some people say that SEO is the ultimate way to generate traffic and conversions. In contrast, others argue that it’s essential for businesses to invest in social media marketing to reach their target audience on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.


To answer this question once and for all (you know what they say about opinions!), we need to look at both strategies separately and see why each one is beneficial in its own right.

Search Engine Optimisation

First, search engine optimisation is a digital marketing strategy that uses search engines to attract online traffic through organic search rankings. It’s important to note that SEO Adelaide isn’t just about optimizing your website for keywords and placing them on the search results page — it involves gaining links from other relevant websites, which helps increase your web page’s search engine visibility.


Now, SEO is a very efficient marketing strategy when it comes to driving traffic because search engines can reach millions and even billions of users all over the world. Furthermore, search engines continuously crawl websites for new information to add to their index, so you never run out of keywords or topics to write about.


With search engine optimisation, you can take your target audience by hand and lead them directly to your website because search engines are well-oiled machines that dominate not only organic search rankings but paid search listings as well. It deserves mentioning that SEO isn’t a quick win type of marketing strategy — it takes time and a lot of effort to see search engine results.


Social Media Marketing

On the other hand, social media marketing is exactly as it sounds — a digital strategy that uses social networks like Facebook and Twitter for promotional or advertising purposes. Businesses can use these platforms to increase brand awareness and reach out to their target audience through sponsored posts (Facebook) or ads (Twitter).


In addition to this, social media is an excellent way for marketers to build up their brand’s credibility and authority by being active on the most popular networks in the world. Social proof is an important search engine ranking factor that search engines take into account when determining where your website should rank for specific keywords — because if you have a lot of followers on Twitter or a high number of Facebook likes, search engines will believe that your website is popular and authoritative as well.


To generate leads from social media marketing, you can also create buyer personas, so you know exactly who belongs to the target audience group most likely to buy from you. In this way, it’s much easier to target them with ads, sponsored posts or a blog post that might interest them.


Social media marketing is great for small businesses because it’s cheap and easy to set up — all you need is an active social media profile and a strategy in place! However, the main downside of this type of marketing is that search engines don’t look at social media signals as much as they do SEO.



With this in mind, it’s clear that search engine optimisation and social media marketing are both great strategies to invest time into, but each one has its purpose. While search engine rankings help you gain online visibility for your website, targeted social media advertising allows you to generate leads. Both marketing strategies also work best when paired together, so there really isn’t any reason to debate which one is better since one complements the other really well.


No matter how much we argue about which is better, both SEO Adelaide and social media marketing are here to stay for years to come. Businesses must put in the effort upfront if they want their website to perform well on the internet.



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