7 Signs Your Solar Panel System Needs Maintenance

Does your solar panel system need maintenance? If you can’t tell, here are nine potential indications that it might.


It’s not easy to tell if your Climat-SOLAR solar panels Adelaide need maintenance. Solar panels typically last for 30 to 40 years, with solar panel repair services occasionally required during this time. However, without proper knowledge, chances are you are unable to tell whether or not your solar panel system needs maintenance. So how can you know? Here are seven signs that you might need solar panel repair:


Low or Irregular Power Production

The first and most apparent sign that your solar panel system requires maintenance is when it’s producing a low or irregular amount of power. Suppose you notice that your solar panels are not generating as much electricity as they have been in the past. In that case, this could indicate that there’s something wrong with your solar panels, and they may need to be serviced by professionals for solar panel repair.


Visible Damage On the Solar Panel

The glass found solar panels are durable enough to withstand any condition. However, once you see visible cracks and broken glasses on your solar panels, it’s best to have them serviced for solar panel repair. At the same time, you should also consider a complete solar panel replacement if your panels are too damaged from external factors such as heat and rain damage.


Discolouration On Solar Panels

Another sign that you need solar panel maintenance is when there’s discolouration on your solar panels. Some discolouration is normal, but if you notice changes in colour or other signs of fading and wear near the edges of your solar panels, this may indicate that something’s wrong with them.


Solar Panel Appears Dirty

You should also consider having solar panels maintenance when it appears dirty or covered in dirt or mud. In some cases, solar panels will get dirty from dust and other particles that blow into them if they are not properly protected. However, when your solar panel system is exposed to a lot of pollution, such as coal ash, solar panels may also begin to look dirty with dark spots along the edges and bottom of solar panels. If solar panels become too dirty, it can affect the solar panel system’s ability to produce electricity.


Faded or Discolored Roof Tiles Around Panels

Another sign that your Climat-SOLAR solar panels Adelaide require maintenance is when you notice faded or discoloured roof tiles around solar on your rooftop. As solar panels are exposed to sunlight, this can cause roof tiles around the solar panel to become discoloured or fade over time. You may also notice that grout lines between tiles have begun to turn white because solar panels have deteriorated the roofing materials near them.


Rust Around Panels

You should consider solar panel repair when solar panels are rusting around the edges. Although solar panels are made of strong materials, they can still be affected by elements such as rain and snow that contain high levels of salt or other chemicals. If solar panels become too damaged from weather conditions, they may begin to show signs of rust around the base where solar panels are connected to the solar panel system.


Solar Panel Hardware Is Loose or Damaged

If solar panels aren’t correctly maintained and solar panel hardware is loose or damaged, this can cause your solar panels to stop working. When solar panel hardware such as fasteners, solar panels can become loose or damaged due to high amounts of heat and sunlight exposure. If the solar panel hardware becomes too loose or damaged, solar panels may fall off your rooftop and create a safety hazard.


After serving you for years, your solar panels need the maintenance it deserves. Make sure you use this article to reference when you need to know if your solar panels require maintenance. For the best solar panel maintenance services, make sure you check out our website.


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