Grand jury already seated and listening to proof in legal case towards Donald Trump

Of course, there are no guarantees. Charges might come down against the corporation, or against someone such as longtime CFO Allen Weisellberg. Or the grand jury might hear the case and determine that no charges are warranted. Though it may seem unlikely prosecutors would seat such a jury unless they thought the chance of an indictment was good, complex and long-running cases such as this are often overseen by a grand jury. According to the Post, the jury has already begun hearing evidence in the Trump case.

Exactly what is being investigated isn’t clear. However, there have been some indications that at least one of the investigations is concerned with the scheme in which Trump has inflated the apparent value of his property when seeking bank loans, and drastically undervalued those same properties at tax time. The scheme could easily generate charges of bank fraud, tax fraud, and conspiracy.

As MSNBC reports, the news that a grand jury has been seated didn’t go over well with the man most likely to be subject to charges. Speaking from Mar-a-Lago, Trump fumed that this was a “continuation of the witch hunt.” In the past, Donald Trump has survived probes into the fraudulent “Trump University” and even more fraudulent Trump family charity and made it out by paying fines, but without facing charges.

That could still happen in this case. But the idea of seeing Donald Trump in front of a New York jury facing charges for manipulating real estate prices is certainly enticing. This isn’t Trump’s only chance at a near-term indictment. Another grand jury is currently hearing evidence in Georgia to determine if Trump will be charged for his interference in the election and attempts to intimidate officials.

As for who will defend Trump if an indictment is handed down, he might want to remember that Rudy Giuliani is kind of busy these days dealing with the investigation into his criminal actions in Ukraine.

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