Dermatologist on How Often You Should Change Up Your Skin Care Routine

A board-certified dermatologist shares her knowledge on skincare, particularly on people’s need to change their skincare routine to get better results.

The challenging part about skincare is that we tend to switch to new products as soon as we hear about them. When it comes to discovering new technology, unique ingredients, or innovative formulas, we just can’t help but give them a try.

The continuous introduction of new products begged the question, “how long do we have to stick to a product before changing things up completely?” It’s certainly an interesting thought that deserves an answer.

Fortunately, board-certified dermatologist Adriana Lombardi gave us a good explanation as to the oftenness that — if at all — people should switch up their skincare routine.

So, how often do people need to change their skincare regimen? According to Dr. Lombardi, “Skincare products can potentially work immediately. But for the best results, I recommend giving the product at least four weeks before you consider switching things up.”

She also encourages switching skincare routines every season to give it time to work before you make a decision. The West Dermatology Riverside dermatologist also went ahead and answered the question, “What ingredients should you choose and avoid in your skincare routine?”

According to Dr. Lombardi, “The three most important products in a skincare regimen are SPF, retinol, and vitamin C. Products containing these ingredients are ideal for best results and long-term use.”

If you are thinking about switching your skincare routine, it’s highly recommended for you to try products that contain these effective ingredients. She added that these three ingredients are clinically proven to replace aging skin and improve one’s overall appearance.

If you’ve been using an everyday serum and want to switch to something more potent, you can upgrade to L’Oréal Paris Night Serum. This serum contains 0.3% Retinol.

If you’re going to change your summertime skincare product with something that offers more SPF protection, switch to the Biossance Squalane + Zinc. This sunscreen lotion contains SPF 30, which is ideal when you’re constantly outside and under the heat of the sun.

Finally, Dr. Lombardi also addressed the question, “What are the factors to consider when changing your skincare routine?” She discourages trying out a particular product just because it worked for someone else.

“If you feel that a particular skincare product isn’t suiting your skin type, or if your skin isn’t improving despite using a consistent skincare regimen, you may want to consider switching things up,” She adds.

Other potential signs that suggest you should stop using a product or change your skincare routine include rashes, acne breakouts, redness, and irritations. Only choose products that are designed specifically for your skin type.

Consult with your West Dermatology Riverside dermatologist to see if you have any specific skin conditions that require professional treatment. You can also ask for recommendations on the right skincare products to use.

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